Cleansing And Detoxification

Most of us are overloaded with toxins whether it’s from the water we drink, food we eat or the air we breathe. According to the World Health Organization, the U. S. rates 48th in life expectancy. We are on the bottom of the list despite how industrialized we are and how many medications we take. There are approximately 82,000 chemicals that can enter your body weekly.

Our bodies protect us from these toxins and free radicals by surrounding them in fat. Americans are the most obese people on earth because of what we’re putting into our bodies and all the chemicals we are exposed to. Through nutritional cleansing, one can rapidly reduce these chemicals, lose weight and feel great!

Nutritional Cleansing is built upon the health routine of cleansing, including fasting and drinking herbal remedies, which has been practiced throughout history. Cleansing gives the body the chance to rest, regenerate and assist in its natural ability to remove toxins and impurities and to promote long-term wellness. However, Nutritional Cleansing improves upon this ancient practice with a system that cleanses, replenishes and revitalizes the body with essential nutrients. Fasting helps to remove impurities from the body, but Nutritional Cleansing speeds up this process by infusing the body with healthy nutrients.

In simple terms, Nutritional Cleansing can be compared to changing the oil in your car. We regularly change the oil in our cars because it gets dirty and clogged by pollutants. We drain the dirty oil and replace it with clean oil, which helps our cars to run more efficiently. The same can be said for our bodies. We are regularly exposed to pollutants in our environment, impurities in our diets and stress that is often created by our hectic lifestyles. Nutritional Cleansing helps the body and organs to do what they are designed to do naturally and remove impurities. The average weight loss through a cleansing regimen is approximately 7-9 lbs in about 14 days.

Our office uses a variety of safe and natural cleansing methods including products from Designs for Health.

New patients receive a complimentary 30 minute massage.

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