Back Pain And Disc Injuries

A Guide to Back Pain Provided a Bellmore, NY Chiropractor

Back pain is a common problem. Our chiropractor: Dr. Dana, frequently treats back pain at her clinic. At ChiroMom, serving Bellmore, NY and the surrounding area, our chiropractor supplies patients with back pain treatments that work with the body.

Back Pain

About Back Pain

When you search the term "chiropractor Bellmore," you're in need of back pain relief, possibly from an injury or chronic condition. For instance, you may damage a nerve, muscle, ligament, or tendon. Often, this occurs as a result of repeated use. Repetitive use could lead to a general backache. It's also possible for you to injure yourself. For example, if you lift improperly, you could develop a sprain. Sometimes, people injure the discs in their back. The issue could arise because of a disc that has a weakened shell. On the other hand, a disc injury could happen because of lifting improperly. 

Back pain could happen because of wear and tear from the aging process. Degenerative disc disease is a prime example. Those with degenerative disc disease experience pain due to the discs in their back wearing out over time. Additionally, spinal stenosis is another issue that often develops as a result of age. When you have spinal stenosis, your spine narrows and places pressure on the contents of it.

We see patients who have sciatica, which is a symptom of pregnancy or an injury. Sciatica describes pain, tingling, weakness, numbness, or burning that extends from the lower back and may even go down one of your legs.

It's also possible to have a chronic condition like arthritis that affects your back. This issue stems from inflammation in the joints. Many people notice the most discomfort and stiffness in the morning when they first wake up. Sometimes, the pain is bad enough to limit a person's mobility.

Treatment for Back Pain

When you find us as one of the results for "chiropractor Bellmore," you've found a clinic that offers natural treatments that promote healing. One example is a chiropractic adjustment. This treatment consists of our chiropractor moving the vertebrae in your back until they align with the discs. This relieves pressure on the nerves in the back. It takes pressure off the muscles and soft tissue in the back too.

Another chiropractic back pain treatment we use is intersegmental traction. This stretches out the spine and takes pressure off of the discs.

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