Customized Chiropractic Care

Dr. Dana Walters is a Bellmore and Great Neck Chiropractor that proudly offers personalized chiropractic care that is customized to help you acquire your health targets and goals. Understanding the nature of the body and its ailments, we realize that such aches and pains could be caused by structural problems in the spine or could be related to muscular conditions or fascia that can hinder your productivity and cause other complications.

With the keen experience and expertise of our chiropractor Dr. Dana Walters, can successfully identify problems that affect your muscular, skeletal and nervous system and apply suitable modes of treatment to them.

Chiropractic Services – What We Do

Focusing on the care and maintenance of the body, we are skilled at understanding the bio mechanics of the spine and its connection with the nervous system. Keeping an eye on the improvement of your health through chiropractic means, we understand the effects of rigorous training regiments, old age, poor posture and other injuries and we specialize in providing chiropractic services for:

  •     Disc Injuries – Special care and attention given.
  •     Pain in the lower back.
  •     Migraines and headaches.
  •     Injuries of soft tissue.
  •     Joint and neck problems.

With chiropractic practices also influencing the development of the human body, the nervous system and introducing improved performance of bodily functions, chiropractors also offers its skills and expertise for:

  •     Family care and development.
  •     Children regardless of age group.
  •     Pregnant women.
  •     Retired or recovering athletes.

Owing to the fact that we possess extensive expertise in treating any problems which can classify under neuromuscloskeletal conditions, chiropractors are completely equipped for the treatment of non-athletic and athletic individuals. With our expertise, you get the chance to improve your family’s health since timely diagnosis, and treatment, of muscle or joint related injuries can lead to faster recovery and the resumption of their regular lifestyle.

New patients receive a complimentary 30 minute massage.

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