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imageAs a child, Dr. Dana suffered from chronic ear infections and poor immune function. She was on many rounds of antibiotics throughout her childhood which followed her into adolescence. It wasn't until she was in college, that it was recommended to her by a friend to see a chiropractor to help her with her health! Dr. Dana had no prior experience with chiropractic care and was so frustrated with her health that she scheduled an appointment for herself to see what chiropractic could do for her. It was explained to her that chiropractic care simply helps the body function better by removing irritation off the nervous system by correcting spinal imbalances that build in one's spine from every day wear and tear. The body is then able to heal better, adapt better and function at its optimal potential for that individual. This was a very different concept from what she was used to! However, Dr. Dana felt she had nothing to lose and began her health journey and started chiropractic care. The results she received from chiropractic changed her life! She very rapidly had more and consistent energy and no longer suffered from chronic illnesses. Dr. Dana then decided to go to chiropractic school and went to Life University, a leading chiropractic college.

After graduating in 2001, Dr. Walters practiced in a variety of settings, using multiple techniques including immune boosting treatments, musculoskeletal & nutritional work, activator techniques, and lifestyle education.

Since then, Dr. Dana has practiced in New York City’s Upper West Side, and now has brought her love of chiropractic and passion for helping families discover the benefits of chiropractic care to Bellmore and Long Island as ChiroMom. ChiroMom offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle education.

New patients receive a complimentary 30 minute massage.

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