Chiropractic can provide a safe, long-term solution to headaches! It has been proven safe, with far less possible side effects when compared with aspirin and other common painkillers. Nearly everyone suffers with occasional headache. For about 20% of the population, these headaches are chronic or recurrent. The most common causes of headache are dysfunction of the joints in the neck, physical trauma, emotional stress, nutritional imbalance, dehydration and visual strain.


Chiropractic has been shown to help reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks in many cases. Chiropractic care also addresses the after effects of a migraine, including relief of restriction in movement of the neck, muscle tension in the neck, upper back and shoulders and helps correct any postural issues that may influence the occurrence of both migraine and tension headaches.

Back Pain and Disc Injuries

It is not surprising that back pain is on the rise, in general we sit too much and exercise too little. If you suffer recurrent episodes of spinal pain it is usually a sign of what chiropractors would refer to as a functional ‘instability’. There are many different treatments available.

Neck Pain

When neck pain is caused by muscle strain, you may have aches and stiffness that spread to the upper arm and forearm. Shooting pain that spreads down the arm into the hand and fingers can be a symptom of a “pinched nerve” or nerve entrapment in the neck. 


Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves sideways, which is not normal.The spine is normally s-shaped when looked at from the side, but when looking from behind the spine should be straight. The scoliosis curvature is often shaped like the letter S or C, and the spine is sometimes also twisted.


Vertigo is a common symptom presenting in chiropractic patients, especially after head and neck trauma. Vertigo can be a very disabling condition. It is a sense of dizziness or spinning, sometimes associated with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sweating. It can have many causes and in most cases it is a treatable condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition marked by a tingling or numbness sensation in the area of the wrist and hand. It is found in people who perform repetitive daily tasks with the fingers or hands, whether at their jobs or doing recreational activities.

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