Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment in Bellmore, New York

Our chiropractic team at ChiroMom is proud to work with local athletes of all ages and ability levels who are looking to recover from or prevent a sports injury. Regardless of your commitment level to your game, our customizable chiropractic services can help you heal naturally from a sidelining injury and maximize your physical performance. 

Sports Injury

Common Types of Sports Injury

Beginner and elite-level athletes alike are susceptible to a sports injury. Common types include muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendonitis or bursitis, joint dislocations, and plantar fasciitis. Depending on the mechanism of injury, these conditions may develop suddenly or gradually. 

In acute cases, these conditions often present with pain, swelling, localized redness, and warmth. If left unaddressed or not allowed the time needed to properly heal, they may develop into chronic issues involving reduced strength, mobility, and stability, as well as pain and restrictive scar tissue.

Why Sports Injuries Occur

Sports injuries can occur due to a variety of factors, and most of them preventable. Poor sleep, inadequate recovery or time between training, poor nutrition, improper technique, ill-fitting equipment, running surface, and decreased pre-injury mobility and strength can all increase a person's risk of injury. We also see factors such as slips, falls, and collisions as occasional contributing factors.

As mentioned, even past injuries that did not heal properly or left residual scarring, adhesions, or impaired motor control may increase the risk of recurring problems. That's why seeking help for a sports injury is so important, especially if symptoms last longer than one to two weeks!

Why Chiropractic Care Benefits the Athlete

Our chiropractic staff loves working with athletes. For one thing, we can provide drug-free and non-invasive techniques that will help people feel better quickly, with minimal downtime and a low risk of side effects. Techniques may include chiropractic adjustments, massage, lifestyle counseling, and nutritional counseling. Together, these treatments can guide tissue healing through every stage of recovery and reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Additionally, chiropractors are body movement professionals. They can analyze a person's range of motion, posture, strength, and identify areas needing improvement. Through individually tailored approaches to maximize these areas, such as comprehensive strengthening and stretching exercises, or adjustments which improve spinal alignment and strengthen the brain/body connection—athletes can achieve even greater levels of physical performance and stay injury-free.

Need Sports Injury Treatment?

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