Auto Accident Injury

Always See Your Chiropractor after an Auto Accident Injury

Dr. Dana Walters in Bellmore, New York has some important advice for anyone who has suffered an auto accident injury. Don't wait until you need pain treatment to make an appointment with your chiropractor. If you have had an auto accident injury, even if you feel fine, make an appointment with ChiroMom in Bellmore right away.


An Auto Accident Injury Can Show Up In Unexpected Ways

When most of us think about seeing your chiropractor for an auto accident injury, we think of getting treatment for whiplash. Whiplash is the damage to the muscles of the neck that violent shaking of the head causes. Many of the muscles of your neck are attached directly to your spine. As the process of inflammation progresses after a neck injury, these muscles begin to pull on the spine.

Inflammation isn't necessarily a bad thing. Your muscles become inflamed to get rid of injured tissue to repair itself. This process doesn't cause a lot of problems with muscles that attached to bones with tendons. But neck muscles don't always have tendons, and when they become inflamed, they can pull the cervical spine out of alignment.

When the spine is out of line, various things can happen. You might have blurry vision. If this happens you will go to your optometrist for a solution. The eye doctor starts looking for problems that aren't there, but misdiagnose the root cause of vision problem and provide you treatment anyways. The treatments don't work because the eye doctor doesn't treat muscle sprain.

Or maybe a few months go by and you develop arthritis in your shoulders. So you decide to stop weightlifting and exercising and focus on taking pain medication to relieve your pain. You need more and more pain relievers that give you less and less relief. That's because you have some joint that doesn't quite fit together so there's always friction on the cushioning tissue inside it. Even if you rebuild that tissue with the best arthritis care, you relapse because the joint is not in good alignment.

If you have an auto accident injury, you don't want to wait until you need pain treatment. You want to prevent degenerative disease at its source. As soon as your car goes off to the shop, you need to make an appointment to be seen by Dr. Walters.

If You Have Had An Auto Accident Injury, Make Your Appointment With The Chiropractor Today

Dr. Walters has been providing chiropractic care since 2001 and helps many patients who have sustained injuries from auto accidents at her Bellmore, Long Island office. New patients receive a complimentary 30-minute massage. Make your appointment with your chiropractor in Bellmore online or call 516-221-1212 today!

New patients receive a complimentary 30 minute massage.

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